Where is Ibex® ultrasound manufactured?

Ibex ultrasound is manufactured in Colorado USA by E.I. Medical Imaging, a world leader in veterinary portable ultrasound for 30 years.

Is Ibex® a digital ultrasound?

Yes, Ibex ultrasound incorporates a full digital beamformer.

Is Ibex® ultrasound waterproof?

Ibex is extremely water resistant. In fact, you can safely clean the Ibex Lite with a garden hose. You can also wash the Ibex Pro, but you should be sure to snap the monitor lid down tight first.

What transducers/probes are available with Ibex®?

Ibex ultrasound features 3.5MHz sector, 5.0-7.5 MHz broadband linear, 6.2MHz down-fire sector, and 6.2MHz Sector "Egg Harvesting" Transducer. (Please check back with us, because new probes will be available soon.)

How long does the battery last?

Ibex® Lite; 5+ continuous hours

Ibex® Pro; 4+ continuous hours

Run times may vary depending on headset and transducer configurations.

How do I recharge the battery?

Simply plug the scanner into any electrical outlet while the battery is in the machine. A stand-alone charger is available as an add-on accessory.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

Four hours.

How many images can I store?

A 1G card comes standard with your Ibex purchase. The card will hold approximately 8000 still images or a combination of still images and cine loop video clips; larger cards can be purchased for larger storage capacity.

Does Ibex® have a direct USB link?


Does Ibex® have cine loop capture?

Yes, Ibex® features a eight-second video playback cine loop. You can save either 4 or 8 second full frame video clips.

Tell me about the voice tag feature.

When you save an ultrasound image, you can record a quick voice message that will play when you view the image on Ibex Pro and will play back through the headset on the Ibex® Lite. Cine loop will play audio back on your PC. (Firmware version 1.05.0000 or later)

Can Ibex® measure fetal age, cysts, etc?

Yes, Ibex® ultrasound can be purchased with fetal age tables for bovine, equine, and small ruminants. Measurements are given in millimeters and/or inches.

Which transducer should I use for what application?

We offer two different styles of transducers. Each style has a significant advantage over the other, depending upon the application. To achieve the best results and image quality, select the correct style suited for the scanning job. The following describes the two available styles:

Linear transducer: Electronic with multiple crystals arranged in a line within a bar-shaped transducer face. Narrow beam sweeps through a rectangular field by firing a group of crystals in sequence. Displays a rectangular image, wide near field, which is desired in evaluating a large follicle or pregnancy in equine.

Sector transducer: Sweeps the scanning beam through the field of view by movement of the crystal. Provides high image resolution and a large field of view. Displays a pie-shaped image; will display a large wide far field which is desired when performing abdominal scans of sows, sheep, etc, or any procedure in which deep tissue penetration is required. Highly recommended for scanning close intercostals space, such as penetration between the ribs for a cardiac procedure.

Does scanning in direct sunlight affect my view of the ultrasound image in the headset?

No, the InSite® 2 headsets are specially designed for use in sunlight. The 640 X 480 pixel headsets guaranteeing a clear, detailed image even in direct sunlight.

Can someone who has never used ultrasound become proficient at using this machine?

Even if you have never palpated or preg-checked your animals, you can learn to perform an ultrasound. E.I. Medical Imaging will supply a product manual and training CD to help get you started. If you want to develop your skills in ultrasound, see our news page for Wet Labs held throughout the year. And E.I. Medical Imaging's professional technical support and sales team is here to answer your questions. Just call (970) 669-1793.