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Ibex Swims with Dolphins in Portugal


 Dr. Lorenzo Crosta, DVM, PhD just ended his visit in Zoomarine Portugal, where two vets there, Dr. Luis Roques and Dr. Carla Flanagan,  are shown ultrasounding a dolphin using the Ibex. The Ibex portable ultrasound was the perfect equipment to use for this diagnosis since it is water resistant the doctors were not worried about the equipment being splashed.


Marco dolphin 2nd stomach resized 600 

  Dolphin 2nd Stomach



Marco dolphin kidney 1 resized 600

 Dolphin Kidney



Marco dolphin left testicle resized 600

Dolphin Left Testicle



Quina dolphin ovary 01 resized 600

Dolphin Ovary



Dolphin ovaric cist resized 600


Dolphin Ovaric Cyst



Marco dolphin liver 2 resized 600

Dolphin Liver


Lorenzo Crosta, DVM, PhD
Consulenze Veterinarie Aviari e per Animali Esotici e da Zoo
Avian, Exotic and Zoo Animal Veterinary Consulting
Consultas Veterinarias sobre Aves y Animales Exóticos y Silvestres
Associate Editor, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery

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