Ultrasound Student Externship  Loaner Program

Is ultrasound in your future as a Veterinarian? At E.I Medical Imaging we understand that is it hard to get real word practice with the equipment you will use in the field. Our Student Loaner program allows you to borrow Ibex ultrasound systems to use in the field while on your externships. All you need to do is sign up for your dates and we will send out a systems and include a return shipping label. You also get access to our staff veterinarian Dr. Erika Wierman. Send your most interesting images and she can help you interpret what you see.

At the end of year we will have our Facebook friends vote on who submitted the most interesting image and you could win a $500 gift card.


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Student Testimonials


The ultrasound loaner program is a great opportunity for students.  When I started interviewing for jobs, I was not only able to list familiarity with the technology in my skill set, but also describe specifically what I had learned and what I was able to do. I'm grateful that I can bring these skills with me on my new job!

Thanks again,

Katie Schlist

Meadow View Veterinary Services

Carson City, MI


Becoming comfortable using an ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis is very important for any veterinary student interested in working with cattle. Being able to use an ultrasound from EI Medical during my senior year of vet school gave me a head start in learning how to ultrasound. This was very valuable considering that it is now something I do everyday as a dairy veterinarian. 
Lindsay Borst
Northern Valley Dairy Production


E.I. Medical’s Student Loan Program gave me the opportunity to use the top line reproductive ultrasound for two weeks while on an externship in the dairies of Northwest Texas. Because of the time spent with this machine, I was able to enhance bovine ultrasound at the private practice I joined. The greatest part of this program is the service they provide. All you have to do is contact them and they will ship it to you hassle free. I highly recommend any vet student going into food animal practice to take advantage of this opportunity.  

Kale Hatten

Mississippi State


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