With four times the processing power of previous IBEX® platforms, the EVO® II provides image quality never before seen in a portable ultrasound this rugged. Improved image quality will allow the user faster and more accurate exams for any species.

At just over six pounds, the IBEX® EVO® II is designed to go anywhere, from an exam table in the clinic to the truck to the barn. With field-swappable batteries you will no longer need to worry about the closest outlet. Engineered with DuraScan® technology, with both sealed keyboards and probe connections, the IBEX® EVO® II can go anywhere your work takes you.

  • IBEX® EVO® II advanced imaging software
  • 3x brighter display [1200 NITS]
  • Full range of imaging modes: B, B+M, PD, Color, PWD available
  • Ruggedized DuraScan® transducers 2-14 MHz
  • EVO® FW to most recent technology enhancements
  • Fast boot time for more uptime
  • Customized, veterinary-specific exam presets
  • EVOStream™ Wi-Fi Remote Scanning app
  • Bluetooth remote available
  • Multiple headset options available
  • 8.4 inch sealed, sunlight-readable LED Display
  • Up to 3 hour battery run time depending on configuration (field-swappable)
  • Lightweight 6.4 lb (2.9 kg)
  • Engineered with DuraScan® technology
  • DICOM compatible
  • Full patient image management system
  • FASTVet™ protocols for companion animal systems
  • 3 year warranty
  • Field-swappable battery
  • External battery charger docking station (AC or car charger)
  • Up to 3 hours of continuous battery life
  • Cables designed and tested to withstand 1.2 million flex cycles
  • Frequencies from 2 to 14MHz
  • See transducers here
  • EVO® II is barn-ready rugged, designed for the harshest environments
  • Sealed keyboard can be thoroughly cleaned for bio-security and clinic appeal
  • All materials RoHS compliant
On-Board Help
  • Context sensitive help at your fingertips
  • Companion animal video protocols
EVOStream™ WiFi Image Streaming
  • Stream live studies directly to anyone with a mobile device
  • Educational tool for image sharing
  • Provides image viewing from a safe distance
  • Client communication tool
Bluetooth Remote
  • User defined programmable buttons
  • Scan patients and control EVO® II from a distance
  • User-Defined Adjustments
  • Preset veterinary-specific exam types
  • Customizable presets and annotations

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EVO® II is the next generation of the latest, most advanced model in the IBEX® family. With significantly better image resolution, color-flow Doppler, remote control, improved features and remote image-viewing apps. EVO® II is ideal for equine practices, companion animal practices, zoos, and anyone demanding a high-quality image in a robust system. 

  • 3x brighter display—a NIT rating of 1200 [EVO® I has a NIT rating 400]
  • The EVO® II supports the new L7HD transducer
  • Version 2.0 firmware—improved image quality and feature set

Rugged, splash resistant, and highly portable, with a new line of variable frequency transducers, the EVO® II is ready to go wherever you need it most. The EVO® II also accommodates optional video headsets—perfect for viewing in bright sunlight or low light situations.

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You should be using ultrasound EVERY DAY in your small animal practice!

FAST is an acronym for the abbreviated ultrasound examination called Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma created as a triage and post-interventional screening test by human trauma surgeons in the 1990s.

When used in conjunction with E.I. Medical Imaging’s EVO® II and the new C6E and C9E transducers, FASTVet™ offers something that no other portable ultrasound does—rapid diagnostic protocols on a portable unit and probe designed specifically for small animal veterinarians.

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