EVO II FASTVet veterinary ultrasound exam

Everyday Ultrasound

The amazing fact about FASTVet™ techniques is that you do not need to be an expert sonographer to be able to use them to assess and monitor your patients. These are standardized, goal-directed exams that you can readily use and implement in your practice.

FASTVet™ techniques are valuable for patient care in general practice, emergency practice and specialty practice (all disciplines). You can learn these techniques quickly and use them in your practice EVERY DAY.

Rapid Diagnostics

FASTVet™, when used in conjunction with EVO® II and our C6E and/or C9E transducers, offers something that no other portable ultrasound does—rapid diagnostic protocols on a portable unit and probes designed specifically for small animal veterinarians.

FASTVet™ techniques are standardized, goal-directed exams that you can easily use and implement in your practice. 

With EVO® II + FASTVet

Evaluate fluid score, volume status in trauma patients

Monitor geriatric patients and those with chronic disease

Screen for hereditary conditions in predisposed breeds

Identify neoplasia, uroliths, and other anomalies in the ADR patient without an exploratory celiotomy

Screen preoperative patients

Monitor cardiac patients, identify pulmonary changes

Perform other, routine preventative exams

EVO + FASTVet On-board help videos

Built-in procedural videos provide immediate assistance in performing FASTVet™ protocols with the EVO® II platform. And in emergencies, no other tool offers such unparalleled, exigent diagnostic assistance.

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C6E probe [small animal]

FASTVet™ techniques do not replace complete abdominal ultrasound and echo-cardiography but are additional ultrasound formats to quickly assess your patients as part of routine exams. Use with our specially designed transducers.

EVO II companion animal veterinary ultrasound Doppl

FASTVet™ protocols have been developed for veterinarians as rapid, point-of-care screening tests, that answer within minutes important clinical questions to help better direct both care and diagnostics in small animals.


E.I. Medical Imaging has partnered with FASTVet™, a program of fast scanning protocols developed specifically for rapid diagnoses. Originally used in trauma-related events, FASTVet™ has been completely redesigned for use with small animals and routine examinations.

For the first time, small animal protocols are coupled with transducers designed specifically for small animal use.

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Your Bottom Line

You should be using ultrasound EVERY DAY in your companion animal practice! 

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