Equine Ultrasound

EVO III, SA2...The New Equine Ultrasounds.

Looking to replace a Sonosite portable ultrasound? The new EVO III or SA2 with our latest hybrid eCLi6 probe (patent pending) is it! Used in top equine hospitals, universities and clinics, these machines boast beautiful, clear image quality.

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  • Redesigned broadband transducers
  • Ideal for repro, TVA, sports med and more
  • Extended battery performance
  • Created specifically for animal use—portable, durable
  • Ongoing innovation and firmware updates

Proprietary Features—features that set us apart from the competition:

  • New, hybrid eCLi6 probe for enhanced imaging
  • Gestation tables
  • Customizable annotations
  • Split screen
  • Post-exam image editing
  • Unlimited record length
  • USB export
  • Streaming app

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