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Used in top equine hospitals, clinics and universities, EVO® ultrasound is built specifically for your demanding environment.

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What Our Customers Say...

“Image quality is excellent even at higher zoom levels. I am able to distinguish anatomical feature that I was unable to see before...the Ibex is designed and purposely built for use by a mixed animal veterinarian with great versatility and survivability in multiple environments” Paul Chard, DVM
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Stream Live Images

With EVOStream™ WiFi Image Streaming on our EVO® platform, live images can be streamed to mobile devices during the exam. 

  • Stream live studies directly to a mobile device
  • Educational tool for image sharing
  • Provides image viewing from a safe distance
  • Client communication tool

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Equine Ultrasound

Built for the toughest veterinary environments, EVO® is the latest evolution in ultrasound, including great image quality, processing power, field-swappable batteries, and doppler...all in a weather-sealed, 6 lb. unit.

EVO® incorporates user-friendly patient management software integrated with the latest technology, cased in barn-tough, liquid-resistant materials.

Transducer cables are tested to 1.2 million flex cycles, ensuring seasons of uninterrupted use. All components, including transducers and cables, can be repaired in our Colorado facility. With unparalleled service turnaround times and a free loaner program, you will never be left holding a broken probe.

It’s not just our built vet-tough quality—with great imaging, patient archiving and species-specific protocols, EVO® is THE gold standard for veterinary ultrasound.

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