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Everyday Ultrasound

You should be using ultrasound EVERY DAY in your small animal practice! EVO with FAST protocols allows you to assess and monitor your patients without being an expert sonographer. These are standardized, goal directed exams that you can readily use and implement in your practice daily.

What Our Customers Say...

"I feel more prepared to handle and triage emergencies and difficult cases. Best thing I’ve done to improve the care of my patients in 25 years, Outstanding!”
Mike Pfeifer, DMV

"I’ve found liver masses, PCE (pericardial effusion), and enlarged abdominal lymph nodes in pets with otherwise normal blood work, etc.  It’s life-saving!"
Caitlin Snyder, DMV

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Companion Animal Ultrasound

E.I. Medical Imaging strengthens its position in the companion veterinary market with the C6E and C9E, transducers designed specifically for the demands of the companion animal practice.

Image Quality

Designed exclusively for use with small animals, the C6E and C9E provide image quality never before seen in veterinary ultrasound. Improved imaging allows faster, more accurate exams for any small animal species. This greatly improved scanning depth allows clear, accurate scans, from hamsters to St. Bernards! Download PDF...

FAST Protocols

FAST, or Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma, is a program of fast-scanning protocols developed specifically for rapid diagnoses. Originally used in trauma-related events, FAST protocols have been modified for use in preventative  examinations as well.

For the first time, small animal protocols are coupled with transducers designed specifically for small animal use. 

Small Animal Transducers 

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