i3 LED Goggles

The i3 LED goggles are small, lightweight and compatible with all IBEX® veterinary ultrasound models as well as with Bantam and Easi-Scan [models 1-4].

They come with versatile mounting options: ratcheted headband, head strap and hat clip. Also included are detachable glare shields to block sunlight.

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IBEX® PRO/LITE Waist Pouch

Accommodates the IBEX PRO, PRO/r and PRO/c [in closed position]; LITE, SuperLite and SuperLite/r. Keeps unit self-contained and streamlined when scanning with headset.

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WiFi Transmitter 

2.4 GHz WiFi Transmitter connects  to all IBEX® PRO and LITE veterinary ultrasound series. Transmitter uses goggles port—splitter is available if goggles will be used simultaneously.

Download the WiFi app for iOS or Android phones or tables here.

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EVO® Waist Pouch 

Accommodates EVO and EVO II [in closed position]. Keeps unit self-contained and streamlined when scanning with headset.

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EVO® Remote

EVO® remote bluetooth connection—auto-connects once paired with an EVO I/II.

7 keys can be reassigned to any key on the EVO for versatility...use to control gain, depth, save and record images, or other custom features.

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new products 2020-6

EVO® Sun Shade

Magnetic shade snaps on to the EVO/EVO II screen to allow easy viewing in bright conditions.

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