"As a scientist looking to ask new questions and achieve unique insights into the behavioral ecology of sharks, there is nothing more important than having industry partners that are willing to take risks, try new things and think outside the box. E.I. Medical do just that, are always willing to go the extra mile, being innovative and creative with their designs and supportive with my research goals. Thank you." 

Dr. Tristan Guttridge, Bimini Biological Field Station—Sharklab

Jasmine Iniguez
Kentucky State
Aquaculture and
Aquatic Sciences

“Image quality is excellent even at higher zoom levels. I am able to distinguish anatomical feature that I was unable to see before...the IBEX® is designed and purposely built for use by a mixed animal veterinarian with great versatility and survivability in multiple environments” Paul Chard, DVM

“The IBEX is compact, portable and lightweight with a good image. It is ideal for performing pregnancy diagnosis, etc.” Scott Elliot, DVM

"The IBEX image is very sharp, especially through the InSite2 glasses. I find it easy to distinguish ovarian structures." The unit has everything we were looking for in an ultrasound—different probes, screen to share info with producers, image storage for educational uses! And all in a very portable unit!" Jennifer Kauf, DVM

"We have had our ultrasound for 6-7 years and the biggest advantage working with E.I. Medical Imaging is that they provide a loaner system so if you damage your scanner or have a maintenance issue you know you can have a loaner to use to keep out of trouble. To me that’s everything! E.I. Medical Imaging service gets it turned right around and back to you, it’s perfect. That is what has kept us with E.I. Medical Imaging.” Leon Richards, DVM

“The IBEX ultrasound has increased the number of services and quality of services that I provide to my clients” Robert Harding, DVM

Hannah Jarvis WEB"Having had a feeder and cow sale at the stockyards in 90+ degree weather this past week, my hands-free ultrasound became my best friend.

"Brief explanation (for those who don’t know, plus it’s just cool): So I purchased an ultrasound shortly after graduation, and it has been glued to me for every preg check.

"I’ve been regularly checking 28 day pregnancies at home and some fetal gendering. This involves me manually scanning the reproductive tract with my hand.

"But after having been out west and taught how to use an arms-free probe for an ultrasound, I was hooked. While it’s not perfect on some big beefers, it saved wear and tear on my arm and shoulder not to mention helping me avoid heat stroke this past week. Basically, it allows me to rectally ultrasound without any of me in the cow, or even any of me in the chute. It’s fast, easy and it’ll be a big help saving my body for the years to come.

"But I will say, when you get a free martin in, you really get thrown for a loop.

"It’s been a busy week, and I’ve been scratched, bit, kicked, crapped on and very sweaty, but I love my job!" Hannah Jarvis, DVM

“The information I learned will change the way I practice. I feel more prepared to handle and triage emergencies and difficult cases. Best thing I’ve done to improve the care of my patients in 25 years, Outstanding!” Mike Pfeifer, DVM

"The folks at E.I. Medical are great to work with! They are dedicated to the development of veterinary students by putting on a Bovine ultrasound lecture and a wet lab that exposed 1st and 2nd years to animals and ultrasound. It also allowed 3rd and 4th years practical experience to better prepare them for graduation. Thank you again EI Medical for working with CSU's Bovine Practitioners Club. Thank you!" Christopher Kelly, Colorado State University Veterinary Medicine