Transducers + probes for the EVO I and II systems.


Transducers + probes for the PRO + LITE platforms.

Probe Accessories

Probe accessories designed to expand probe capabilities.

C9OPU-HD ovum pickup probe and handle






Now available for the IBEX PRO and LITE line of veterinary ultrasound—the C9OPUi!


A word about our cables...

All IBEX® cables are  tested to 1.2 million flex cycles:

  • Custom designed cable jacket is extremely durable, chemical resistant and bio-compatible

  • Designed specifically for use in tough animal environments

  • Kevlar strength members embedded in cable bundle to protect coax breakage

  • All materials RoHS compliant

...and our transducers

We listened to you...we had multiple requests to re-design the MC8OPU head and handle for ease of use.

The result is the C9OPU-HD!

The C9E is also new, honed to produce an improved image for the smallest of small animals.

Download our Transducers + Accessories brochure.