Love your pet with regular ultrasound exams

Provide optimal health for your pet through regular ultrasound exams

Veterinarians use ultrasound to provide non-invasive imaging that helps evaluate the health of furry family members. Using technology and techniques from human emergency medicine, they gather extensive information to detect potential conditions before they become serious.

Ultrasound detects and helps minimize breed-specific conditions

Certain breeds are predisposed to conditions that can be managed when detected early. An initial ultrasound exam establishes a baseline at a normal, healthy age. As your pet ages, periodic ultrasound exams will ensure early detection, preventative care and optimal health.

With FAST protocols, your vet can screen for the following:

  • abdominal masses
  • bladder stones
  • liver + gall bladder issues
  • kidney disease
  • bowel obstruction
  • cardiac abnormalities
  • respiratory abnormalities
  • other injury + age-related disorders

Ultrasound exams are... 

  • non-invasive
  • radiation-free
  • affordable
  • anesthesia-free [in most cases]
  • pain-free

And in most cases, clipping is not require. Ask your veterinarian if they have an EVO3 or SA2 ultrasound today!

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