E.I. Medical Imaging's Legacy

Ultra-Vision, Omega Vision

Ultra-Vision was launched as the smallest, most portable ultrasound scanner of its time, weighing eight pounds and running on 110v power or a small external battery pack.

The new family of Vision Scanners were manufactured utilizing major advances in electronics and assembly methods. The new technology brought to the industry a scanner with dynamic size and weight reductions and increased features, while increasing reliability and extended product life.

Real McCoy [1997-2004]

Real McCoy ultrasound scanner revolutionized the world of portable ultrasound with a system that could easily be carried by the operator. E.I. Medical Imaging introduced and pioneered the concept of using headset-style monitor glasses to view the Real McCoy’s ultrasound image. The video headsets proved to be a great success as they allowed users to scan in direct sunlight for the first time.

Real McCoy was the first truly portable, battery-operated machine ever designed for livestock use. The equipment weighed just four pounds—the battery, an additional four pounds—and could be carried by the operator in a vest pocket. Real McCoy’s rugged design allowed ultrasound to enter new markets of production swine facilities and dairy farms.

Bantam I and II [2004-2010]

E.I. Medical Imaging set another new standard for portability in an ultrasound scanner with Bantam. The total scanner system weighed only 30 ounces—including the on-board lithium battery—and also featured the headset-style monitor glasses. With advanced electronics and new compact form factor, Bantam ultrasound doubled the resolution quality and detail of its predecessor, Real McCoy.