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Tough Enough...

Whether it's in a barn or a hillside, IBEX ultrasound is tough enough to go wherever you need to. 

  • Rugged
  • Long Battery Life
  • Premium Image/Video Capture

What Our Customers Say...

"The unit has everything we were looking for in an ultrasound—different probes, screen to share info, image storage for educational uses! And all in a very portable unit!" Jennifer Kauf, DVM
EVO III streaming to iPad

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Stream Live Images

With EVOStream™ WiFi Image Streaming on our EVO® platform, live images can be streamed to mobile devices during the exam. 

  • Stream live studies directly to a mobile device

  • Educational tool for image sharing

  • Provides image viewing from a safe distance

  • Client communication tool

  • Easy to set up

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Small Ruminant / Camelid

The IBEX® ultrasound’s versatility and rugged design make it perfect for scanning small ruminant and camelid species. Whether it’s large commercial herds or university research, no one does portable veterinary ultrasound better than IBEX.

IBEX veterinary ultrasound for camelid reproduction