EVO® + EVO® II Transducers + Probes

CL3E low-frequency ultrasound transducer [EVO]


Low-frequency [2-6.4 MHz], deep penetrating convex transducer, 30 cm depth
Transabdominal work in cattle, horses, small ruminants, camelids, large dogs, exotics, wildlife
Equine neck, back, SI

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CLI3E side-fire, low-frequency convex ultrasound transducer [EVO]


Curved array, low-frequency [3-7 MHz] probe, 6-25 cm penetration, high resolution image
Bovine and equine reproduction, large and small animal abdomen

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L14X high-frequency linear ultrasound transducer [EVO]


High-frequency [6-14 MHz] linear transducer
10 cm depth
Equine tendons, small animal abdomens,
neurovascular applications, superficial structure

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L7HD high-resolution ultrasound transducer [EVO]


Linear transducer [5-9 MHz], 15 cm depth
Higher frequency, optimized focal position for reproductive exams 
Improved resolution over L6E
Bovine, equine reproduction; tendon, lung
Works with EVO® and EVO® II platforms—hardwired into the new PRO/r and SuperLite

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L6E linear ultrasound transducer [EVO]


Linear transducer [5-8 MHz], 18 cm depth
Bovine and equine reproduction, tendon

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MC8E high-frequency microconvex ultrasound transducer [EVO]


High-frequency microconvex transducer
[6-10 MHz] 12 cm depth
Small animal abdomen, bovine reproduction, small ruminant pregnancies

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L3ASE linear ultrasound transducer [EVO]


Linear transducer [3-6 MHz], 30 cm depth
Bovine carcass merit

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C6E multi-frequency transducer [sm animal]


Multi-frequency transducer [4-9 MHz], 
18 cm depth
Designed specifically for small animal use; i.e. large dogs, sheep

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C9E multi-frequency transducer [sm animal]


Multi-frequency transducer [5-10 MHz]
14 cm depth
Improved imaging, designed specifically for small animal use, i.e. cats, dogs

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C9OPU-HD ovum pickup probe and handle


Ovum pickup probe and handle [5-10 MHz]
14 cm depth
Adjustable handle, shallower focus for better imaging; small height, lightweight Improved positioning of transducer array and needle exit
Equine and bovine

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