EVO III Firmware Update

If you would like to receive further instructions or assistance during our business hours, we have a customer service representative waiting to assist you [see sidebar].

Download firmware update for EVO III ONLY [Version].
If you have an EVO I or II, go here for the correct firmware.

  1. Load the upgrade file on a thumb drive [USB memory stick] and insert into the lower EVO USB slot.
  2. Hold the power button while powering on your EVO portable ultrasound system—release the power button when the keyboard starts blinking.
  3. Allow the scanner to boot and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once the system has rebooted, we recommend you reset the EVO to factory default settings. This will refresh all of the probe exam types to new settings to provide the best possible image quality. Download these instructions first.

  1. Press SUPER from the HOME menu.
  2. Press F2 [SETUP]
  3. Press F4 [SYSTEM]
  4. Press F2 [RESET]
  5. Choose RESET ALL option
  6. Confirm by selecting YES at the prompt


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