EVO Firmware Update

To keep your EVO system optimized to perform at its highest level, you should upgrade your system to the most recent firmware version. The firmware is ready for download free of charge and underscores our commitment to our customers' feedback and the innovations we continue to develop for your imaging systems.

The latest firmware update [Version] was released on February 1, 2022. If you purchased your IBEX EVO before that date you will need to upload the current firmware to a thumb drive and then download it to your ultrasound system. 

Complete the EVO Firmware Update Request form to the right  and hit SUBMIT. Once you submit the form you will receive a thank you page with instructions on how to update your system and a link to the firmware update file.

This firmware update includes the following research and development changes as well as customer requested enhancements from previous firmware releases:
  • Support for all new EIMI transducers [eL7, eC6, eC9, eC9OPU, eL14, eCLi4, eCL3]

  • Improved image defaults

  • Miscellaneous stability and performance improvements

As always if you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance, call 866-365-6596 during business hours—we are ready to help you. 

Firmware Update Request