i3 LED goggles on hat

The i3 LED goggles come with a hat clip, designed to be clipped to the bill of a hat.

A ratcheted head band and elastic head strap are also included with the i3 LED goggles.

i3 LED Goggles

The all-new i3 LED goggles are small and lightweight, compatible with IBEX EVO® and EVO® II; all PRO, PRO/r, PRO/c, LITE, SuperLite, SuperLite/c as well as with Bantam and Easi Scan 1-4. 

  • Superior optics
  • LCD displays with LED backlight
  • half the weight of InSite® 2 goggles
  • specially designed detachable glare shield for outdoor viewing
  • GoPro mount
  • 2 year warranty [regular use]

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