Retool to Upgrade

Breathe new life into out-of-warranty LITE or PRO ultrasound systems by upgrading them to our latest high definition technology.

We take the main board, keyboard, screen and track ball [PRO] from your existing system, replace the case and battery, add new parts, and hardwire the higher definition iL7 or iCLi4 probe. When complete, you have a new IBEX PRO/r, PRO/c, SuperLite or SuperLite/c with a new three year warranty [including probe] for much less than the cost of purchasing a new system.

If you need a costly repair to an older, out-of-warranty system, it makes sense to upgrade now...updated technology with a new battery and warranty.


You will also be able to upgrade existing goggles to our new i3 LED goggles. We are offering trade-in discounts for any working InSite®2 when purchased alone or when you upgrade the unit and headset at the same time.

We are here to answer any questions that you have about upgrading your PRO or LITE to our latest technology...

Click here for more information on retooling to upgrade.

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