EIMI Veterinary Ultrasound Lineup


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University of Tennessee Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound Training
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Game Changer—hybrid rectal probe, available only on the EVO3 or SA2...beautiful images, patent pending!
EVO/EVO II Firmware Update [v2.0.1.54] AVAILABLE 04/15/2024! Request file download here.
Request file download here.
SA2 FIRMWARE UPDATE [V1.7.0.5] AVAILABLE 12/14/2023! Request file download here.
EVO I/II, PRO, i3 Goggle Maintenance Packages
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Firmware Update [v2.10] for all IBEX PRO & LITE series ultrasound machines [PRO, PRO/r, PRO/c, LITE, SuperLite, SuperLite/c]

Firmware Update [v2.10] for all LITE HR series ultrasound machines [HR LITE, SuperLite HR, SuperLite/c HR]

Sonosite Users
trade up to the New EVO III or SA2! Comparable image quality to EDGE II, M-Turbo...
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Tough enough

Built for the toughest environments, IBEX and EVO portable veterinary ultrasound systems take diagnostic  imaging wherever you need it. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, IBEX and EVO systems are designed with the highest standards of ruggedness, image quality and ease-of-use.

Built for veterinary use

Custom-designed broadband transducers, tested to mil-spec standards. High image quality, veterinary protocols, patient image management, sealed bio-secure casing. Lightweight enough to go anywhere.

Customer support program

Service is the hallmark of our business. We engineer systems specifically for veterinary use and understand the challenges downtime brings. With industry-leading service turnaround times and a loaner program available, we ensure continuity of your business.

Veterinary ultrasound...great for your  patients, great for your bottom line

EVO III, SA2, and IBEX® veterinary ultrasound platforms are the latest evolution of portable ultrasound technology. We deliver great image quality and processing power, all in weather-sealed, lightweight units. All platforms incorporate user-friendly patient management software. 

We offer a wide variety of probes for any practice or patient. Transducer cables are tested to 1.2 million flex cycles, ensuring seasons of uninterrupted use. 

We are THE gold standard for veterinary ultrasound, used in top veterinary hospitals, clinics and universities. For more information or for a demonstration, contact us at 1.866.365.6596.

As seen on Shark Week, Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet and Heartland Docs DVM.

All new EVO III
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Stream Live Images

With EVOStream™ WiFi Image Streaming on our EVO® II platform, live images can be streamed to mobile devices during the exam. No WiFi network necessary!

  • Stream live studies directly to a mobile device
  • Educational tool for image sharing
  • Provides image viewing from a safe distance
  • Client communication tool
  • Easy set up

WiFI streaming also available for IBEX ultrasound machines.