The IBEX® LS features our very popular S3.5 sector probe. The transducer is a fixed, non-interchangeable 3.5MHz 90d mechanical sector array. The probe features 18cm scan depth, a built-in freeze button,  a 2 meter cable, and is used mainly for reproduction and transabdominal applications.


Our legacy product, the Bantam, reached its end of life for production and in August, 2015, reached the end of life for service.

In an effort to replace the Bantam we developed the IBEX® LS (Lite Sector). The IBEX® LS is priced to be a product affordable to the swine market and to other companies and clinics still using the popular Bantam portable ultrasound system.

  • IBEX® LS advanced imaging software
  • Fast boot time for more uptime
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Customized, swine imaging presets
  • Hardwired 3.5Mhz transducer
  • Industry proven InSite® 2 video headset
  • Sealed, LED backlit keyboard
  • 5+ hour battery run time (field replaceable)
  • Under 3.5 pounds
  • Engineered with Durascan™ technology

Image Quality Superior image quality improves accuracy and speed. The IBEX® LS is image optimized, so there is no need to make any adjustments.

Portability At under 3.5 pounds the IBEX® LS can go wherever your work takes you.

Durability IBEX® durability now with the image quality to match. Engineered with our legendary DuraScan™ technology, including both sealed keyboard and probe connections, the IBEX® LS is designed to withstand the rigors of farm use.

Simplicity Turn on the IBEX® LS and start scanning in under 8 seconds. Every IBEX® is pre-programmed to maximize image quality. The user friendly interface allows even a beginner to feel comfortable at the controls.

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E.I. Medical Imaging continues to meet the needs of its customers by introducing a new and exciting product called the IBEX® LS. This system is similar to the IBEX® LITE but features a newly designed fixed sector probe. The system has all of the same durability and portability of our complete family of ultrasounds.

Our new IBEX® LS is manufactured with the Bantam user in mind and has many of the features of the popular IBEX® LITE and IBEX® PRO

IBEX® LS includes:

  • IBEX® LS portable ultrasound system

  • Hard-wired S3.5 transducer

  • InSite2® goggles

  • AC adapter and power supply

  • Lithium Ion battery

  • Carry strap and waist carry pouch

  • Storm carrying case

  • IBEX® software

  • 2 year warranty