The combination of ruggedness, simplicity, versatility, long battery life, and affordability make this a great choice for mixed practices, research, academia, and wildlife. The screen, keyboard, and trackball allow easier use of some of the more advanced features (measurements, gestation tables, dual imaging, saving and cataloging images).

The IBEX PRO/c is versatile—it has a screen for those applications that require it or people who prefer it, but still accommodates video headsets. The mixed practitioner can use it laptop-style in the clinic or chute-side, and then strap it on to use with headset for field use. 

  • DuraScan® case: water, dust and impact resistant
  • 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
  • B, B/B, B/M and M scan modes
  • Auto enhanced field of view (auto adjusts focus, frequency, gain and other parameters)
  • Digital beam-former
  • Gestational tables
  • Stores still frames and video loops
  • 4GB storage for over 10,000+ still frames 
  • Li-Ion smart batteries with 4+ hours of runtime
  • Compatible with multiple headset options
  • 3 year warranty (warranty extension available)
  • I.C.E.® arm-free scanning available
  • Standard, extended warranties available
  • Hardwired to CLi4HD transducer
  • Cable designed and tested to withstand 1.2 million flex cycles
  • Curved array
  • Frequencies from 3 to 7 MHz
  • Scan depth 6-24 cm
  • IBEX PRO/c is barn-ready rugged, designed for the harshest environments
  • Sealed keyboard can be thoroughly cleaned for bio-security and clinic appeal
  • All materials RoHS compliant

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Designed specifically for large animal reproduction, the PRO/c incorporates new high resolution technology to provide clear, high definition scans seen only on higher end ultrasound units. 

Based on the IBEX PRO platform, the PRO/c is a versatile ultra-portable system that can be worn on the body or set on a table.

Hardwired to the new high definition CLi4HD probe, water-resistant and dust-proof with our proprietary DuraScan® casing, the IBEX PRO/c can handle any environment. With advanced features typically found on higher-end systems, the IBEX PRO/c can go wherever you do.

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