E.I. Medical Imaging Appreciates and Supports "Agvocacy"

Fri, Mar 07, 2014 @ 08:22 AM Jim Turner

One of the buzz phrases that has been sent around our offices has been the idea of having  advocates in our industry.  It's always nice to have a large following, or many people that understand your business and can be a sales force for you. The industry we are seeing many recent articles about and an industry on the rise for the need for advocates is in agriculture.  They are calling them "agvocates".  Recently a group in Canada has launched the beef advocacy and education program.  We wish the all the agvocates in Canada and their program all the best in the future. Here is the release provided by that group:


BAC3color thumbBeef Advocacy Program Launches in Canada

(Ottawa, AB) March 6, 2014 - Beef Advocacy Canada is proud to launch its live advocacy and education program at the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) Annual General Meeting.

Canada Beef and the CCA, along with funding from the Alberta Livestock and Meat Association (ALMA), have brought together industry partners to develop a comprehensive program that will walk future beef advocates through the entire industry from gate to plate.

“The program is designed to equip advocates with facts and resources to support the beef industry in a world where information moves more quickly than it ever has before,” said Annemarie Pedersen, Director, Industry Communications, Canada Beef. 

Canada Beef and CCA began work on the program in 2013, understanding the need for a positive, knowledgeable and unified voice for the beef industry.

“More people are talking about the Canadian beef industry now than in the past; they are talking about how cattle are raised and how beef is produced,” said Jolene Noble, Program Coordinator, CCA.

The goal of the program is to empower people, those who make their living by and take pride in bringing beef to the world’s table, to communicate about beef production with knowledge and confidence. Numerous industry partners collaborated on developing the material used in the course work. “This is definitely a program that shares the depth of knowledge within our industry,” said Pedersen.

Two courses provide information for a large range of audiences. Course One is designed to provide basic information about the entire process from cattle on the farm, to beef in the meat case. This information is suitable not only for aspiring beef advocates, but also for the general population - anyone who wants to know more about the Canadian beef industry.

Course Two will be designed specifically for those people who want to become advocates for the Canadian beef industry. There will be specific resources and information available to registered users of both Courses.

The Beef Advocacy program is an educational, online resource designed to provide information on the Canadian beef industry via smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. The website is www.beefadvocacy.ca and Twitter is @beefadvocacy.

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