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E.I. Medical Imaging Interviews Dr. Fred Gingrich At AABP 2013

Posted by Jim Turner on Tue, Jun 24, 2014 @ 01:20 PM

We continue our video series with our interviews we did last year at the AABP conference in Milwaukee with an interview of Fred Gingrich, DVM. Dr. Gingrich was recently interviewed by Dr. Dan Thomson of DocTalk on RFDTV. Dr. Gingrich is heavily involved in the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and does a great job with them.  I am excited and hope to see him soon at the AABP trade show in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September of 2014.


We will be attending the AABP 2014 and will again have a booth on the trade show floor. Last year at the AABP, E.I. Medical Imaging donated an Ibex® Lite valued at $12,000 to the Amstutz Scholarship Auction and have committed to donating another Ibex® Lite in Albuquerque at this year's auction. If you want to get your hands on the Ibex® Lite and help a great cause at the same time, make sure you register to attend the AABP in New Mexico this September and make sure you bid on the Ibex® Lite.

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E.I. Medical Imaging Turns The Camera On The Media

Posted by Jim Turner on Thu, May 22, 2014 @ 09:59 AM

As an advertiser in the media, we at E.I. Medical Imaging rely on many magazines and other periodicals to broadcast our message of having one of the best veterinary portable ultrasounds in the industry. We decided we would turn the tables and actually interview the interviewer and that is the case with Walt Cooley.  Walt is the Managing Editor of the Progressive Dairyman Magazine.  Progressive Publishing produces the magazine and we recommend  anyone in the dairy, forage, and beef industries to pick up a copy of the magazine or subscribe.  They do a really good job of covering topics in those industries.  Here is a video we did at the AABP show in Milwaukee of Walt Cooley.

I recommend you go out and read their current issue. We appreciate our partners and Progressive Publishing is a great partner to have in our industry. Thanks Walt!

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E.I. Medical Imaging Helps Efforts In Haiti

Posted by Jim Turner on Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 09:13 AM

One of the many things I like about our company is the fact that from the top down everyone here at E.I. Medical Imaging enjoys working to help our fellow man.  One of the veterinarians we are helping is Kelly Crowdis, DVM.  Dr. Crowdis is doing some amazing work in Haiti. I had a chance to sit down and speak with Dr. Crowdis in Milwaukee at the AABP show in the fall of last year.  I was very impressed by Dr. Crowdis' work and we wish her great success in the future. 

We were recently provided a picture of E.I. Medical Imaging's donation of a portable ultrasound maching in action in Haiti with a senior veterinary student  Amanda Weakly performing a diagnotic check of a doe in Haiti.  I hope to catch up again with Dr. Crowdis to get an update on her efforts in Haiti.  To find out more about their organization you can visit their website at CVMUSA.org

Haiti Bantam

If you want further information from us on how you can use the E.I. Medical Imaging family of Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Systems feel free to contact us for a free demonstration.

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New Age Education and Training For The Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Jim Turner on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 09:40 AM

digital education and trainingBusinesses are having to change the way they do things to keep up with the digital world.  We live in an age now where snail mail, print advertising, good old fashion face-to-face meetings and a handshake are a thing of the past.  We continue to evolve in business with the invention of technology and how we conduct our day-to-day business transactions.  At E.I. Medical Imaging, we are not much different in the way we approach our business.  We too must adapt to the way of the future.  We are using social media and technology to provide up to the minute information about our products and services.  Our Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Systems' software can be updated with a few strokes of a keypad on your computer and online, and we have many other technologically advanced features too numerous for this post.

One of the things we intend to implement for the future of E.I. Medical Imaging and our Ibex® Family of Ultrasound Systems and accessories is education and training.  It would be difficult to arrange a location where we could invite the hundreds and thousands of our customers and users to gather and allow us to prepare a lecture series and allow you the user to have hands on education and training of our device. We can do this on a small level and we would be happy to oblige this and will have these types of education training opportunities in the future.  Right now there are a handful of companies that are trying to accomplish this, but it is an uphill battle and a costly endeavor.  If you want to be trained in the use of ultrasound it is going to take an inordinate amount time, which we all know means money, and it will cost you dearly monetarily to attend.  With the use of technology and the use of the digital world we can change the way you spend your time and your money. 

At E.I. Medical Imaging we are currently working on a way to decrease your time and the money you spend to get the training you need to be successful in your practice as a veterinarian. This all falls in line with our idea that "Helping Your Practice Makes Perfect Sense."  Stay tuned in here for future announcements about our education and training.  We will soon have ways you can get the education and training you need for use of our equipment and a way to help you with your veterinary practice.

Of note and as a persuasive point to what I have discussed here, Dan Grooms, President of the AABP has his November message that has has provided.  The message is provided via YouTube, a use of video I applaud.  The message is simple about the fate of the Enyclopedia Britannica and how it failed to adapt to the evolving world.  We as businesses should also learn to adapt.  I hope the message is clear.


Contact Us About Important Education and Training Opportunities NOW!

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E.I. Medical Imaging Donates Portable Ultrasound System At AABP

Posted by Jim Turner on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 04:00 AM

Ibex Lite Portable UltrasoundE.I. Medical Imaging is proud to announce its donation of an Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System for the Amstutz Auction of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners’ Amstutz Scholarship. The Amstutz Scholarship committee will be sponsoring the benefit auction at the 2013 AABP conference on Friday, September 20, 2013. All proceeds from this auction will go towards further enhancing the premier student scholarship program of the AABP.

“The student auction at the AABP Annual Conference is the main way we grow our endowment and secure the long term future of the program. The scholarships it supports are the premier student scholarships offered by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, and it remains our  number one way to highlight a career path in bovine veterinary medicine to veterinary students”, says Jim Floyd, DVM, Chairman of the Amstutz Student Scholarship Committee.

E.I. Medical Imaging’s Ibex® Lite Portable Ultrasound System has a retail price in excess of $12,000. The system includes the ultrasound unit, a reproductive linear probe and the Insite2® headset.   The unit is one of the more popular portable ultrasound units among all veterinary practitioners.

“It is our hope that this will help the Amstutz Scholarship committee in their funding of bovine practitioners of the future.  Many of practicing veterinarians use our Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Systems and we continue to be very active in colleges and universities across the country.  Most of the schools in the United States have our systems and use them in their teaching and curriculum” says Chas Maloy, President of E.I. Medical Imaging.

To attend the AABP Conference, you can register at the event in Milwaukee.  All AABP members can bid on the item in the auction by visiting the website and entering their member number and their bid amount.

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