American Made Veterinary Ultrasound. Does USA=Quality?

Tue, Jul 03, 2012 @ 02:18 PM Mia Varra

By: E.I. Medical Imaging Source

Do you consider where a product is manufactured before you buy it? Do you only care about the lowest priced item or do you make a purchase decision based on quality? Do you relate “where” a product is manufactured to service, warranty and customer support in the future? Does “USA manufactured” mean quality to you?

"Since it is the 4th of July and America is celebrating its independence day and waving the flag with stars and stripes, I thought it would be interesting to look at a recent survey conducted by E.I. Medical Imaging (EIMI)", says Marketing Director Mia Varra (9 year employee at EIMI).

The E.I. Medical Imaging (EIMI) survey asks:  “Why did you choose to purchase the IBEX portable ultrasound?

The top 5 responses:
        1. USA/Quality
        2. Image
        3. Durability
        4. Customer Service
        5. Recommended

EIMI 28yrlogo blktype.jpg

EIMI is celebrating its 28th year as a proud USA manufacturer of portable veterinary ultrasound. The Company started in a basement in Loveland, Co in 1984 by an engineer with an interest in ultrasound technology. The vision then was to build a portable ultrasound that the veterinarian could bring to the animal instead of bringing the animal to the equipment.

The first portable ultrasound that EIMI manufactured was just larger than a laptop computer and no one could believe that something so small could do the job! (WHAT?!?! Today, consumers demand smaller and better technology to make life more convenient…..but that was not the case in the mid 80’s). So, EIMI took the same electronics and put them in a bigger case with a larger monitor…..and success!!! The Company continued to make strides with new technology getting smaller and increasing image quality.

Omega veterinary ultrasound
Omega Vision 1

In 1997 EIMI built the Real McCoy portable ultrasound. This system ran on a re-chargeable battery, could be worn by the operator and introduced monitor glasses for viewing the image. This system was such a success in the swine and bovine industries it was backordered for months.

Real McCoy Animal Ultrasound
Real McCoy

In 2002 EIMI raised the bar again in portable ultrasound and launched the Bantam ultrasound. The Bantam was small, tough, and versatile with numerous transducers to perform multiple procedures.

Bantam XL Supreme
Bantam XL Supreme

When the industry didn’t think EIMI could build another show-stopper in portable ultrasound, the IBEX ultrasound hit the market in 2009.  

Ibex® Pro

The engineering of the IBEX started in a completely different way than anything else before. EIMI went to the professionals that use the technology everyday and listened to their wish lists. The concept of a water resistant, durable, battery operated ultrasound with all of the software functionality of the high-end human ultrasound machines was developed. Truly a machine in a class of its own engineered for the veterinary industry.

The theme over 28 years of manufacturing veterinary ultrasound is to listen, produce quality veterinary ultrasound systems and provide outstanding customer service. Thank you to those that are our customers now and we look forward to winning the business of those that will be customers in the future.

Do YOU invest in your business equipment based on where it is manufactured?



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