IBEX® Ultrasound: Stages of Early Bovine Pregnancy

Mon, Jul 09, 2012 @ 03:40 PM Mia Varra

Bovine ultrasound is used to diagnose pregnancy and even more importantly to diagnose open cows and return them into breeding protocols. This is an incredibly crucial part of any bovine operation business. It can mean the difference between "make it" or "break it" economics on difficult years. Every bit of management plays a roll in the profitability on a dairy or beef cow operation, so having the most accurate and immediate information like ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy (or lack of) is nothing to shake a stick at.

The first step in learning ultrasound is to have an understanding of how ultrasound works and how to read an ultrasound image. The next step to learn bovine ultrasound is to have a very good understanding of bovine anatomy. Knowing what normal looks like will allow you to diagnose abnormal.

Let’s look at early stages of bovine pregnancy.

bovine ultrasound 25 day
Bovine Ultrasound, 25 day pregnancy

bovine ultrasound 30 day
Bovine Ultrasound 30 day pregnancy

32 day bovine pregnancy ultrasound
Bovine Ultrasound 32 day pregnancy

cattle ultrasound 32 day
Bovine ultrasound 32 day pregnancy

cattle ultrasound 37 day
Bovine Ultrasound 37 day pregnancy

bovine preg check 39 day
Bovine Ultrasound 39 day

preg check cows 40 day
Bovine Ultrasound 40 day pregnancy


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