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Tips to Improve Early Bovine Pregnancy Ultrasound Techniques

Posted by Mia Varra on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 08:21 AM

 By; E.I. Medical Imaging

We (E.I. Medical Imaging) get asked all the time, "How early can I use ultrasound in a cow?" or "How early can I preg check my cows?"....and of course there is not one correct answer to this question.

There are numerous variables to consider when determining the best time or day to ultrasound cows for pregnancy (or lack of pregnancy= open cows!).

Things to consider are;

1. Skill and experience of ultrasound operator

2. synchronization protocol and management of ultrasound information

3. Dairy employee schedules (make sure the right staff is working on the right days. For example; breeders, herdsman, vaccinations, etc)


Plan a schedule and stick to it! Breeding is all about the timing! Work with your veterinarian and decide what is best for your herd.


Just as a refresh course, the purpose of early bovine ultrasound is to find open cows and return them back into the breeding pool as quickly as possible.


ultrasound of open uterus

Ultrasound image above shows an Open uterus (non-pregnant)



Tips to early pregnancy diagnosis in cows:

  • A good knowledge of bovine reproductive anatomy

              bovine reproductive anatomy
  • Good scan angle with the transducer. Consistent pressure of the entire transducer with produce a good image. Avoid letting air into the rectum as sound waves will not penetrate air.

bovine ultrasound scan angle

  • Develop a consistent routine for checking the uteurus structure. For example; cervic down the right horn, right ovary, across the bifrication, left ovary, backing down the left horn and across the utuerus on the way out.



bovine anatomy reproduction

This way you see all of the structures and can adequately diagnosis "open" if no fluid and fetus are found.


Early Bovine Pregnancy Images:


 bovine ultrasound


bovine early pregnancy


Bovine pregnancy ultrasound

38 Day Bovine Pregnancy


cow ultrasound

30 Day Bovine Pregnancy


Cow ultrasound

33 Day Bovine Pregnancy


cow ultrasound

43 Day Bovine Ultrasound

Ultrasound images all taken with the IBEX portable ultrasound


  • Practice! Practice! Practice!


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IBEX® Ultrasound: Stages of Early Bovine Pregnancy, part 1

Posted by Mia Varra on Mon, Jul 09, 2012 @ 03:40 PM


Bovine ultrasound is used to diagnose pregnancy and even more importantly to diagnose open cows and return them into breeding protocols. This is an incredibly crucial part of any bovine operation business. It can mean the difference between "make it" or "break it" economics on difficult years. Every bit of management plays a roll in the profitability on a dairy or beef cow operation, so having the most accurate and immediate information like ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy (or lack of) is nothing to shake a stick at.

The first step in learning ultrasound is to have an understanding of how ultrasound works and how to read an ultrasound image. The next step to learn bovine ultrasound is to have a very good understanding of bovine anatomy. Knowing what normal looks like will allow you to diagnose abnormal.

Bovine Anatomy

bovine anatomy ultrasound

Now, let’s look at early stages of bovine pregnancy.

bovine ultrasound 25 day

Bovine Ultrasound, 25 day pregnancy


bovine ultrasound 30 day

Bovine Ultrasound 30 day pregnancy


32 day bovine pregnancy ultrasound

Bovine Ultrasound 32 day pregnancy


cattle ultrasound 32 day

Bovine ultrasound 32 day pregnancy


cattle ultrasound 37 day

Bovine Ultrasound 37 day pregnancy


bovine preg check 39 day

Bovine Ultrasound 39 day


preg check cows 40 day

Bovine Ultrasound 40 day pregnancy

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