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Ibex® Means Reliability in Veterinary Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Jim Turner on Sat, Aug 30, 2014 @ 10:06 AM

Here at E.I. Medical Imaging, we have been advertising on a show on RFDTV called DocTalk with Dr. Dan Thomson.  We know that Dr. Thomson has been a very well respected veterinarian in the industry and we want our message of the Ibex® and its reliability to be seen by his audience. We have been advertising a little over a month now on his show and I wanted to share with you the 30 second spot.  We are right at the time of year where many beef cows are being pregnancy checked by veterinarians all over the country.  This spot we are running encompasses the idea that veterinarians have a tough job and they need tough tools.  They are reliable and so is the Ibex® durable portable ultrasound.  Enjoy!

We value your opinions and want to know how we can do a better job of meeting the needs of our veterinarians all over the world. Feel free to contact us and let us know!

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Never Before Seen Pricing On The Ibex Portable Ultrasound Systems Ends Today!

Posted by Jim Turner on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 @ 09:37 AM

AspenTreesSeptember is nearly a memory now being the last day of the month. It reminds of song lyrics from The Brothers Four in "Try To Remember":

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.

The song reminds me of slower times but that has not been the case this year.  September has been exceptionally busy here at E.I. Medical Imaging. As I look back on the month it has been a very busy month.  This was my first Summer here and as we enter into Fall it has not been uneventful with learning all about a new company, the flooding we have had in Colorado, we have had some exciting times at the AABP show in Milwaukee. More specifically, we launched our latest campaign on special pricing for our Ibex Portable Ultrasound Systems on September 1. The special pricing and packages have been going on for the month and those specials proved to many to be the best deals ever seen here at our company. We have been busy filling orders and taking calls and providing information. In fact, if you are reading this on September 30, 2013, you have until the end of the day to make an order! The sale pricing will come to an end today and like the Fall season here in Colorado we get to enjoy the explosive colors of our trees turning in the mountains but it too has to come to an end.

Looking ahead to October, we have National Pork Month and we are running a special for all you swine veterinarians and producers.  We have a a deal for you to upgrade your Bantams or other systems to a new Ibex® Lite package. Contact us to see how you can get into the October Pork Special.

I hope you too have had a great September and I hope you remember when the grass was green, the grain yellow and I hope your harvest is plentiful!

Photo Courtesy of:  "Mike" Michael L. Baird, flickr.bairdphotos.com "Aspen Tree Fall Yellow Color off Conway Summit"

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E. I. Medical Imaging Participates in Veterinary Training Course

Posted by Jim Turner on Wed, Aug 28, 2013 @ 08:16 AM

Chute side ultrasoundAs part of our current campaign to help with education and training of the veterinarian and the livestock producer, E. I. Medical Imaging is taking its durable portable ultrasound on the road in Nebraska to educate veterinarians on the use of its Ibex® Customizable Extension or as we refer to the accessory for the Ibex® Portable Ultrasound, the I.C.E.®  The title of the course  scheduled on September 26, 2013 is "Extension Arm Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing and Fetal Aging Course". The following press release describes more fully the training course and the logistics:

September 26, 2013 – NORTH PLATTE, NE

The University of Nebraska West Central Research and Extension Center in cooperation with Repro-Scan, E.I. Medical Imaging, and BCF Technology will be hosting a Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound for Veterinarians course to provide hands-on, in-depth instruction in the use of ultrasound for bovine reproductive exams. This workshop will focus on utilizing “extension arm” ultrasound technique and fetal aging.

This course will be of interest to veterinarians who wish to learn more about extension arm ultrasound pregnancy testing, develop fetal aging skills, incorporate fetal aging into their bovine practices and prevent injuries associated with palpation.  Each delegate will have an opportunity to work with 3 different makes of portable bovine ultrasound equipment.

The course will be held, September 26th, 2013 at the research center just south of North Platte, NE beginning at 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Course tuition will be $300 per person with limited enrollment. 6 hours of CE credit has been applied for. For further information or to register contact Rick Funston (308-696-6703), rfunston2@unl.edu .


Contact Us About Important Education and Training Opportunities NOW!

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Portable Ultrasound Being Put To Good Use For Turtle Conservancy

Posted by Jim Turner on Mon, Jul 15, 2013 @ 04:00 AM

We wanted to bring everyone up to speed on what is going on at the Behler Chelonian Center ("BCC") as of June 2013.  If you recall we recently provided the BCC with an Ibex Ultrasound that was purchased through the donation from Patagonia.  Our company then provided a pair of goggles to be used by the BCC along with their system.  We were excited to see this image as provided by the conservancy in their newsletter.


They included the follolwing information from their blog post as a further description:

On June 11, 2013, ultrasonographic examination of the young adult female Ploughshare Tortoise in our conservation breeding program at Behler Chelonian Center revealed at least 3 fully mineralized eggs in the right oviduct. This female was bred by the male several weeks prior to finding the eggs, and at that time, ultrasonography showed follicles on her ovaries, so we hope these eggs were fertilized by that mating. We are now providing her with plenty of privacy on an outdoor soil substrate in the hopes that she will soon excavate her very first nest.

We congratulate them on their success and their use of the Ibex system.  It truly is nice to see our system being used by a special organization to help endangered species.

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How to use Portable Ultrasound in a Mixed Practice Veterinary Clinic?

Posted by Mia Varra on Mon, Apr 25, 2011 @ 02:48 PM


 In my travels across the country to veterinary practices big and small, I stumbled upon a rural clinic in Western Nebraska that gets the most of their portable ultrasound. There are 3 large animal and 2 small animal veterinarians that share responsibilities to make sure all of the clients are taken care of. 

Ultrasound plays a critical role in all aspects of this mixed practice’s success. The portable ultrasound makes it convenient to go from inside the clinic to our equine barn and cattle facilities. I will follow this clinic over the next few months we will follow the clinic using portable ultrasound in many different facets.

Portable Ultrasound Canine 

“Sharing a portable ultrasound between our clinic and mobile large animal practice sure in convenient.” Says Dr Welsh.

Using Portable Ultrasound on Canine Procedures

Patient #1: Ultrasound Canine Liver

Ultrasound canine liver


ultrasound dog liver

veterinary Ultrasound

Canine Liver Ultrasound

The ultrasound image above shows a large liver mass




Procedure #2: Ultrasound Canine Eye

 Canine Eye ultrasound


ultrasound dog eye


canine optic ultrasound


Canine Eye Ultrasound




What procedures do you use portable ultrasound on in your clinic?



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