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Graduate? Get Your Special Price On An Ibex® Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Jim Turner on Fri, Jun 13, 2014 @ 10:19 AM

diplomaAs I mentioned in my last blog post, June is National Dairy Month!  Many people in the dairy industry are celebrating with specials on their dairy products.  In fact, we are giving away a free battery with the purchase of a portable ultrasound system in the month of June.  June is also the month of many other celebrations including holidays like Father's Day and probably more importantly to the brand new veterinarians out there entering the world of veterinary medicine, its also a great month for Graduation!

According to the AAMVC, there are 30 schools or colleges of veterinary medicine (CVMs) in the U.S. and of those CVMs, nearly 3000 veterinarians graduate and start working in the veterinary world.  This may sound like a large number but as it states in their frequently asked questions, there are many areas and needs of animal welfare and sectors of that industry that are not being met.

Ibex® LiteWe want to offer a very special savings to those in the veterinary world and more specifically, new graduating veterinarians.  At E.I. Medical Imaging, if you contact us within six (6) months of your graduation, we will provide you with a special price on any of our Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Systems. This means you can begin your practice with the durable portable ultrasound system you need to be a successful practitioner.  We even have special financing programs for new graduates too!  If you want to find out more about our specials, we would love to speak to you. Contact us today to get your special price.

In addition to the the veterinary graduates themselves, if you are a veterinary practice or business and you intend to hire a new veterinary graduate, you too can contact us and get in on the savings. All you need to do is let us know you are hiring a new graduating veterinarian who may have graduated in the last 6 months!  Get in on the savings and get a new veterinarian and an Ibex® portable  ultrasound working for you and your practice today!

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At E.I. Medical Imaging School's In For Summer!

Posted by Jim Turner on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 10:30 AM

EIMI Education and TrainingEducation and Training is a big part of what we like to offer our customers here at E.I. Medical Imaging.  It is important to us to offer the latest information in the use of our portable and durable veterinary ultrasounds.  We recently had an offering of a basic bovine reproduction class in Springfield/Colombia, Missouri, on April 10.  I have heard those that attended learned a great deal about how to use their ultrasound.

We are offering another class this summer for those interested in learning more about the use of their Ibex® Portable Ultrasound on June 12-13, 2014, in Bridgeport, Nebraska.  If you are interested in attending this class and learning more about bovine reproduction and how to use your ultrasound, you can register today. Our class in Nebraska is taught by Dr. Craig DeMuth and he will be instructing on Ultrasound Reproduction with a classroom lecture, and then the following day will be on-site in the field for some great hands on experience. We are also providing 9 hours of RACE approved CE credit to those veterinarians in attendance. 

learning ultrasoundThe class is limited to the first 8 (eight) participants. If you don't get registered soon you may miss out on this great opportunity. We will take the first 8 registrants that have paid for the course. Get your reserved spot today by filling out the form and registering as soon as possible. The cost of the class is $750US and you can pay easily right from the registration. You will be prompted for payment during the registration process.  I also know we are offering special discounts and special pricing for the classes if you purchase an Ibex® Portable Ultrasound.  Check with your sales representative or even arrange for a free demo of your unit. They can help you buy your Ibex® Portable Ultrasound and get you registered for a class!

We are adding other training classes and learning opportunities so be sure to check back often to see what we have to offer.  If you see a class in the future you want to attend, it's not to early to guarantee your spot with a registration.  If you don't see a class in your area or if you want to have us teach a class in your part of the country, we would be happy to work with you and see how we can arrange a class closer to your area.

Classes we have scheduled currently include:

June 12 & 13, 2014

Bridgeport, NE


September 25 & 26, 2014

Omaha, NE


October 9 & 10, 2014



October 23 & 24, 2014

North Dakota


November 13 & 14, 2014

Kearney, NE



Register  For Class

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E.I. Medical Imaging Launches The Ibex® Holiday Special Sale!

Posted by Jim Turner on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 08:37 AM

OutdoorChristmasTreeTo all of the company contacts, customers and friends we want to wish you the very best this holiday season.  It is not quite time to start thinking of our resolutions for 2014 and the new year. It is a time to reflect on 2013 and see how far we have come this year and all of the things we have to be thankful for as we remember our many blessings.

Many of you will be receiving our holiday postcard letting you know we have a special holiday sale very similar to the sales you see the day after Thanksgiving.  We didn't want to have a Black Friday Sale, or a Cyber-Monday sale, but we did want to have a sale that is just for you, our special customers.  Maybe we call it the Ibex® Orange Cyber-Sale?

Beginning on November 25, 2013, we will be offering the Ibex® Pro and the Ibex® Lite at a very special savings, much too low to advertise on our website. You will need to contact your area sales representative or you will have to register online to get your special price. It is the perfect time to get your Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System to place under the tree this holiday season.  The Holiday Special Sale is over on December 13, 2013 at midnight.  If you place your order by the deadline on December 13, we can make sure your new Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System is delivered to your door by the end of the year.  Then we can start to talk about our New Year's resolutions and all what we can expect in 2014 from the use of your new portable ultraound system.

Register to get your special pricing, or call today at our office to get your very special holiday deal on a new Ibex®.


Sign Up Here For A Great 2013 Holiday Special

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New Age Education and Training For The Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Jim Turner on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 09:40 AM

digital education and trainingBusinesses are having to change the way they do things to keep up with the digital world.  We live in an age now where snail mail, print advertising, good old fashion face-to-face meetings and a handshake are a thing of the past.  We continue to evolve in business with the invention of technology and how we conduct our day-to-day business transactions.  At E.I. Medical Imaging, we are not much different in the way we approach our business.  We too must adapt to the way of the future.  We are using social media and technology to provide up to the minute information about our products and services.  Our Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Systems' software can be updated with a few strokes of a keypad on your computer and online, and we have many other technologically advanced features too numerous for this post.

One of the things we intend to implement for the future of E.I. Medical Imaging and our Ibex® Family of Ultrasound Systems and accessories is education and training.  It would be difficult to arrange a location where we could invite the hundreds and thousands of our customers and users to gather and allow us to prepare a lecture series and allow you the user to have hands on education and training of our device. We can do this on a small level and we would be happy to oblige this and will have these types of education training opportunities in the future.  Right now there are a handful of companies that are trying to accomplish this, but it is an uphill battle and a costly endeavor.  If you want to be trained in the use of ultrasound it is going to take an inordinate amount time, which we all know means money, and it will cost you dearly monetarily to attend.  With the use of technology and the use of the digital world we can change the way you spend your time and your money. 

At E.I. Medical Imaging we are currently working on a way to decrease your time and the money you spend to get the training you need to be successful in your practice as a veterinarian. This all falls in line with our idea that "Helping Your Practice Makes Perfect Sense."  Stay tuned in here for future announcements about our education and training.  We will soon have ways you can get the education and training you need for use of our equipment and a way to help you with your veterinary practice.

Of note and as a persuasive point to what I have discussed here, Dan Grooms, President of the AABP has his November message that has has provided.  The message is provided via YouTube, a use of video I applaud.  The message is simple about the fate of the Enyclopedia Britannica and how it failed to adapt to the evolving world.  We as businesses should also learn to adapt.  I hope the message is clear.


Contact Us About Important Education and Training Opportunities NOW!

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Never Before Seen Pricing On The Ibex Portable Ultrasound Systems Ends Today!

Posted by Jim Turner on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 @ 09:37 AM

AspenTreesSeptember is nearly a memory now being the last day of the month. It reminds of song lyrics from The Brothers Four in "Try To Remember":

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.

The song reminds me of slower times but that has not been the case this year.  September has been exceptionally busy here at E.I. Medical Imaging. As I look back on the month it has been a very busy month.  This was my first Summer here and as we enter into Fall it has not been uneventful with learning all about a new company, the flooding we have had in Colorado, we have had some exciting times at the AABP show in Milwaukee. More specifically, we launched our latest campaign on special pricing for our Ibex Portable Ultrasound Systems on September 1. The special pricing and packages have been going on for the month and those specials proved to many to be the best deals ever seen here at our company. We have been busy filling orders and taking calls and providing information. In fact, if you are reading this on September 30, 2013, you have until the end of the day to make an order! The sale pricing will come to an end today and like the Fall season here in Colorado we get to enjoy the explosive colors of our trees turning in the mountains but it too has to come to an end.

Looking ahead to October, we have National Pork Month and we are running a special for all you swine veterinarians and producers.  We have a a deal for you to upgrade your Bantams or other systems to a new Ibex® Lite package. Contact us to see how you can get into the October Pork Special.

I hope you too have had a great September and I hope you remember when the grass was green, the grain yellow and I hope your harvest is plentiful!

Photo Courtesy of:  "Mike" Michael L. Baird, flickr.bairdphotos.com "Aspen Tree Fall Yellow Color off Conway Summit"

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Are You Pregnancy Checking Using A Portable Ultrasound This Fall?

Posted by Jim Turner on Thu, Sep 05, 2013 @ 09:53 AM

pregnancy checking your herdI am an avid reader of Bovine Magazine, okay I have a confession, I am not a hard copy magazine guy as I like to get my news and information in the digital world using my phone or tablet.  We pay very close attention to what is happening in the bovine veterinary world as a large portion of our target demographic comes from the bovine veterinary market.  In fact, we currently have a campaign to help the veterinarian with their practice in the bovine market in both the beef and dairy segments.  Our campaign is about, "Helping your practice makes perfect sense." We feel a responsibility to help the veterinarian with their everyday practice to insure they are getting the most from our Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System.

In a recent article produced by Dave Sparks, DVM of the Oklahoma State University Extension, he brings up why food animal veterinarians should be pregnancy checking their herds now instead of waiting later.  His points I want to highlight include the following:

  • Far too many small to midsized cattle producers are saving pennies by not pregnancy testing while wasting dollars by not knowing which cows are open.

  • The old standby for pregnancy checking is rectal palpation.  In this procedure the veterinarian enters through the rectum and palpates the reproductive tract through the rectal wall.

  • Ultrasound will detect earlier pregnancies than most operators can detect confidently by rectal palpation and also may show pathological conditions that rectal palpation may miss. (emphasis added)

  • A disadvantage is that it will take several days to be notified of the results so you probably will need to re-gather the cows to sort off the open ones.  Another disadvantage is that it only tells you if the cow is pregnant or open and gives no indication of how far along the pregnancy is.  Rectal palpation and ultrasound will indicate fairly closely what stage of pregnancy the cow is in. (emphasis added)

For obvious reasons we would love all producers to be pregnancy checking their herds using the ultrasound method instead of using either the palpation method or using the blood test method.

Addressing each point above I can say that the first of his points is a common sense approach to handling your herd.  Anytime you are not pregnancy checking your herd, you are rolling the dice as to whether your cows are open. Spending money on cows that are open and will not be producing a return on investment is a gamble. I should point out however that it is a cost and one that has to be weighed with all the other factors of managing the herd for the best return.

Ibex® Customizable Extention (I.C.E.)In point two, I thought it important that we address the idea that rectal palpation has a very similar procedure to ultrasound.  An ultrasound has the same rectal entry point that requires a veterinarian to check using their arm, but by using the Ibex® Customizable Extension (I.C.E.) handle, an "arm free" accessory, the procedure could be less invasive. The veterinarian saves wear and tear on the cow and more importantly perhaps, their arm.

In the third idea I have added some emphasis on the point that ultrasound shows some fairly significant differences to rectal palpation that are very important.  An example of a difference would be whether the fetus is a viable fetus. There are many chances to misdiagnose a pregnant cow using palpation when palpation or feeling a viable fetus is not usually possible by just feel. It is tough to feel a heartbeat.  Other abnormalities of a fetus, that may not be seen from palpation and only on ultrasound, may be missed and the pregnancy may turn out to be incorrect. In this instance seeing is believing.

In the final point, I have added emphasis to the idea that blood testing cows appears to be a cumbersome and time consuming process.  Time is not always the friend of the producer and something that needs to be weighed into the herd management plan.  The last emphasis in the final point is on the idea that blood testing cannot show at what stage the pregnancy is in or the gestation of the cow. This may be an important factor in the management of the herd. And it should also be noted that blood testing cows does not take into account false positives of cows that may have a fetus that is not viable or has an abnormality.  This is something that needs to be addressed in the decision making process.

It appears that Dr. Sparks would have us believe that using ultrasound for pregnancy checking cows is cost prohibitive to the producers and that this method might be too expensive hurting the bottom line for the management of the herd.  It was pointed out that regions and pricing varies, and we have not collected enough data to make a pronouncement of the costs involved in any of the processes mentioned. This is something that veterinarians and their clients should discuss.  It may be that palpation and ultrasound are about the same price, making more sense to go with ultrasound. The cost of blood testing appears to be less but by the time you add all the added process and the cost of shipping and waiting, I think it is a costly and not an exact process with a good return on investment. Until blood testing is more of a contemporary test providing real time results it does not seem like the best choice.

Our recent campaign is to help veterinarians and their practice. To us this makes perfect sense.  We would love to have you contact us to determine if buying an ultrasound makes sense for you and your practice. Right now in the month of September we have a program that allows you to buy an Ibex® Portable Ultrasound at never before seen prices.  If you are a producer, ask your veterinarian to use ultrasound on your herd. We want to help the veterinarian but we also want to help you!

Let us know, are you performing ultrasound, blood testing or palpating your herd?  Are you pregnancy checking your herd this fall?  If not, you might want to explore the opportunity to succeed.


Get Your Special September  Pricing on the Ibex NOW!

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E. I. Medical Imaging Participates in Veterinary Training Course

Posted by Jim Turner on Wed, Aug 28, 2013 @ 08:16 AM

Chute side ultrasoundAs part of our current campaign to help with education and training of the veterinarian and the livestock producer, E. I. Medical Imaging is taking its durable portable ultrasound on the road in Nebraska to educate veterinarians on the use of its Ibex® Customizable Extension or as we refer to the accessory for the Ibex® Portable Ultrasound, the I.C.E.®  The title of the course  scheduled on September 26, 2013 is "Extension Arm Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing and Fetal Aging Course". The following press release describes more fully the training course and the logistics:

September 26, 2013 – NORTH PLATTE, NE

The University of Nebraska West Central Research and Extension Center in cooperation with Repro-Scan, E.I. Medical Imaging, and BCF Technology will be hosting a Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound for Veterinarians course to provide hands-on, in-depth instruction in the use of ultrasound for bovine reproductive exams. This workshop will focus on utilizing “extension arm” ultrasound technique and fetal aging.

This course will be of interest to veterinarians who wish to learn more about extension arm ultrasound pregnancy testing, develop fetal aging skills, incorporate fetal aging into their bovine practices and prevent injuries associated with palpation.  Each delegate will have an opportunity to work with 3 different makes of portable bovine ultrasound equipment.

The course will be held, September 26th, 2013 at the research center just south of North Platte, NE beginning at 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Course tuition will be $300 per person with limited enrollment. 6 hours of CE credit has been applied for. For further information or to register contact Rick Funston (308-696-6703), rfunston2@unl.edu .


Contact Us About Important Education and Training Opportunities NOW!

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Brand Your Business Using The Ibex® Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Jim Turner on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 @ 10:38 AM

I'm in marketing.  Part of my job duties are to worry about our E.I. Medical Imaging brand. As a veterinarian or as a livestock producer or for that matter any business owner your job is also in most cases to worry about your company, your business and your brand.  We recognize that issue here at EIMI and want to help you with a small component of your duty to be concerned with your company brand.

Recently, we had a veterinarian ask about an ultrasound image they saw where the image had the name of the clinic where the technician or doctor worked and/or performed the test.  An example of this is provided below where an image produced by the Ibex® Pro Portable Ultrasound System shows:

"Copyright 2009 E.I. Medical Imaging. All Rights Reserved."

The default text of the system when your Ibex® is shipped to you will have this on each saved image or each saved cineloop (video). To save images and to save cineloops, please refer to the quick user's guide provided with your system.

Ultrasound Image EIMI

This is our own branding of E.I. Medical Imaging, but perhaps you want to change that text on  your images to your own branded message. If I was your marketing person I would be making that suggestion immediately. 

Many software companies in industries all over the world allow what they call "white labeling" or custom branding of software to fit the look, feel, logo and color scheme of your business. In this instance, it may just be changing how the image is saved and the message that will read across the bottom of the screen.  If your business is "ABC Veterinary Services" and you want your brand to appear on each saved image of your patient, we can make that possible.  In fact, if you want to specialize the message to include the tagline or branded messages such as:

"ABC Vets - Scanning Since 1992"

(shown below)


"ABC  - Your Vet Service of Choice"

Clinic Name Branding

our portable ultrasound system can make that possible.  At this time there is a character restriction of 32 characters but those of you used to the 140 character Twitter limitation can work a message out fitting your needs.

You can perform the function easily by changing the information in the profile options of your Ibex® Pro or your Ibex® Lite.  You can get the information in your Ibex® Pro by going to the MISC function and changing your options.  You may go to the F1 key and enter the option Menu.  You then press F4 key to display the MISC Option dialog box.  You can then select the MISC options using your arrow keys or your trackball.  Simply go to the option of "Clinic Name" and type exactly the message you want in the space at the bottom of the images.  In this case the default as I indicated is our copyright message.

If you are changing the message in the screen on your Ibex® Lite, you simply go to the Config Menu.  To get to your Config Settings, simply press the SEL key to display your settings and using the arrow keys highlight and select the Config Option "Clinic Name" and change the text to read exactly how it should appear by pressing the GAIN key to produce the on-screen keypad. It truly is that simple.

For the veterinary clinic wanting to provide a customer images of the bull calf or perhaps an image of the brand new foal as we suggest, it is always possible to also have your brand front and center.  The example below using "Rood and Riddle Equine" as the branded message:

Rood and Riddle Equine

As you can see this is a simple way of branding your business. As a veterinarian, it might be the little things that differentiate your practice and it might get you more business.  Who can't use more business?

You can answer that question in the comments below or feel free to comment with your questions or other feedback.

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E.I. Medical Imaging Goes Back To School

Posted by Jim Turner on Fri, Aug 16, 2013 @ 12:02 PM

back to schoolMany of us here at E.I. Medical Imaging have kids and we are all gearing up for them to head back to school.  My kids were not excited at the idea that summer vacation was over and they were lamenting about having to wake up early to get ready for school. I quickly reminded them that they did not have to wake up extra early to do chores such as milking cows before school and I think they realized at that point it was falling on deaf ears.  Nonetheless they headed back to a season of learning and that is what we here at EIMI are aiming to do for our current customers and potential customers--teaching them all about the benefits of ultrasound.  

If you are a livestock producer or veterinarian, portable ultrasound can be a huge benefit to your business and your bottom line.  If any of you are right now asking yourself "How?", you are not alone. We aim to answer that very question in the coming weeks and mDr. Erika Wiermanonths ahead with a series of webinars, seminars, how-to videos and eBooks. If you are here reading our blog or have followed along on Facebook and Twitter, you know that we are putting information here and there for you to read and use for your business.  We hope to expand that to the other areas I mentioned.

One of the initiatives we will be implementing over the next few months is our education and training programs prepared and supervised by our very own staff veterinarian, Dr. Erika Wierman.  Dr. Wierman has provided us with an outline of the areas where ultrasound can benefit all practitioners, from bovine, to equine, to small ruminants and companion animals.  We look forward to the program as it develops further.


Our first look into the webinar series will be an informative talk our President, Chas Maloy likes to call "Buttonology". This is a rundown of how to use the Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System from turning on the machine, to recording images, to how you can change your settings and many other basic instructions on the operation of the Ibex® Pro and the Ibex® Lite.  Pete Temple, our service manager, knows the workings of the Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System like none other and he will be on hand to teach what he knows, and more importantly will be responding to customer questions and providing information related to your feedback.  Once we have set the date we will be inviting all of our current Ibex® customers and those interested in how our system works to take some time to really see how easy our the Ibex® is to use and how it can help you with your business.

Some of our other educational topics and items we plan to have as training are, Ultrasound 101, veterinary topics such as Fetal Viability, Fetal Sexing, calf lung checks to ovarian and follicular dynamics. We even want to provide a few topics like business marketing and financing your equipment!  If there is a specific topic or area of training you would like to learn more about as it relates to using the Ibex® ultrasound in your business or practice, we would love to entertain your suggestions.  In the meantime, if you are ready to learn, welcome back to school!

Contact Us About Important Education and Training Opportunities NOW!

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Dr. Paul Chard Discusses Benefits of Using Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Mia Varra on Mon, Jul 08, 2013 @ 01:35 PM

written by: Mia Varra

bovine ultrasound, cow ultrasound

I had the pleasure of visiting with my friend and beef veterinarian Dr. Paul Chard in Brush, Colorado today about why he invested in portable ultrasound and how he feels it helps his practice be more profitable and provide better services to his beef herd customers. 

Q. How long have you been using a portable ultrasound?

A. Since 2003

Q. Why did you first decide to add portable ultrasound to your bovine practice?

A. I recognized that there is a need for efficient and accurate early pregnancy diagnosis in beef cow-calf operations. I knew that portable ultrasound would be a fantastic practice builder and would greatly expand my capabilities as an ambulatory large animal vet.

Q. How many beef cows do you preg check every year?

A. Typically 10,000 to 15,000 and in spite of the decreasing US beef herd I have continued to do more and more ultrasound pregnancy exams each year.

Q. What are the main benefits of using ultrasound in a pregnancy diagnosis in a beef operation?

A.1. Early and accurate pregnancy diagnosis.

Faced with the current drought conditions and high feed costs, producers will see a great cost savings by removing open or late pregnant animals earlier. Feed and forage costs are absolutely the number one expense for beef producers in the US right now.

2. I am able to assess fetal viability with a great degree of accuracy.

There are several key items that I assess in every pregnancy that is early enough in gestation to reach the appropriate anatomy: fetal heartbeat, appearance of fluid surrounding the fetus, appearance of fetal membranes, overall appearance and echogenicity of the fetus and general anatomical correctness. I find abnormal pregnancies often enough to make it worth the effort. If we are able to remove these abnormal pregnancies from the herd, the producers is spared the cost of feeding a non-producing cow all fall and winter and potentially the costs associated with difficult birthing of a deformed calf. In herds that may be experiencing infectious causes of reproductive failures we are able to remove problem animals sooner and reduce exposure to the rest of the herd. Many of these fetal viability assessments are impossible with manual palpation.

3. In the last several years early pregnancy ultrasound has offered several marketing advantages for beef producers developing replacement heifers.

The greatest advantage has been seen when marketing the open heifers in late summer rather than winter. These open heifers generally sell as yearlings instead of heiferettes which always translates to a more valuable animal. Heifers that have been determined to be pregnant by ultrasound seem to be more desirable by most producers which also should translate to greater perceived value. Another marketing strategy for some more progressive heifer developers has been to sell heifers sorted in groups by ultrasound fetal sexing. Heifers pregnant with bull calves are more desirable to producers looking for a calf to market as a terminal animal. Heifers pregnant with heifers calves are more desirable to producers looking to quickly grow their cow herd by raising the greatest number of females that their operation can sustain.

4. Ultrasound is less invasive for the cattle and for the veterinarian as there is less uterine manipulation required than manual palpation.

I spend less time with my arm in the animals which translates to reduced chance of causing problems with the pregnancy and greatly reduces the wear and tear on my body. These benefits are greatly exaggerated when I am able to use the ICE extension and not even place my hand in the cattle. Hopefully I will be able to continue in my work with less pain and injury throughout my career thanks to this technology.


Here at E.I. Medical Imaging we want to help you with your veterinary practice.  Just like Dr. Chard, perhaps it is time for you to invest in your practice by purchasing an Ibex® Portable Ultrasound System in order to be more profitable, and provide services needed by your clients and patients. If you want to schedule a free demo of the system or if you w3ant to speak with a representative about how you can begin to be more profitable, please contact us.

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