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E.I. Medical Imaging Portable Ultrasound Solution Blog

E.I. Medical Imaging Partners with Denver Zoo to Welcome Baby Giraffe Dobby

E.I. Medical Imaging Adds New Pennsylvania Bovine Class In July

E.I. Medical Imaging Congratulates Dairy Farmers Of America

E.I. Medical Imaging Approves Vets Getting Help In Rural Areas

Join E.I. Medical Imaging At WVC 2015 in Las Vegas

Happy New Year From E.I. Medical Imaging

Merry Christmas From E.I. Medical Imaging!

Tax Credit Renewed For Veterinarians and Farmers

Happy Veteran's Day From E.I. Medical Imaging

E.I. Medical Imaging Attends American Angus Association Convention

Ibex® Means Reliability in Veterinary Portable Ultrasound

Once Again It's Shark Week Here At E.I. Medical Imaging!

E.I. Medical Imaging Excited About Vets Being Portable

E.I. Medical Imaging Wishes All A Happy 4th of July Holiday!

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates July!

Last Chance To Register for E.I. Medical Imaging's OPU/IVF Course

E.I. Medical Imaging Interviews Dr. Fred Gingrich At AABP 2013

E.I. Medical Imaging Offers Bovine Course

Graduate? Get Your Special Price On An Ibex® Portable Ultrasound

E.I. Medical Celebrates National Dairy Month with Free Offer!

E.I. Medical Imaging Wishes You A Safe and Happy Memorial Day!

E.I. Medical Imaging Turns The Camera On The Media

EIMI Celebrates 30 Years In The Portable Ultrasound Industry!

Basic Ultrasound Bovine Reproduction Class Full in Nebraska

E.I. Medical Imaging Introduces Ibex® LS Portable Ultrasound System

E.I. Medical Imaging Helps Efforts In Haiti

E.I. Medical Imaging Interviews Dr. Jill Colloton

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates Earth Day

At E.I. Medical Imaging School's In For Summer!

Spring Is In The Air At E.I. Medical Imaging!

E.I. Medical Answers Your Bovine Reproduction Questions

E.I. Medical Imaging Appreciates and Supports "Agvocacy"

E.I. Medical Imaging Understands Bio-Security

E.I. Medical Imaging Back In Nashville For NCBA!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day From Us At E.I. Medical Imaging!

Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Helps Denver Zoo with Prenatal Care

E.I. Medical Imaging Welcomes Biogenec As Colombian Distributor

A Look Back At E.I. Medical Imaging In 2013

Ibex Portable Ultrasound Featured on National Geographic

E.I. Medical Ready For Year End Purchasing of Veterinary Ultrasounds

Special Holiday Pricing Extended On Portable Ultrasound Systems

AAEP Recap and Last Chance For Holiday Portable Ultrasound Special!

E.I. Medical Imaging Heads To Nashville To Attend AAEP

Happy Thanksgiving From E.I. Medical Imaging

E.I. Medical Imaging Launches The Ibex® Holiday Special Sale!

New Age Education and Training For The Portable Ultrasound

Happy Veterans Day From E.I. Medical Imaging!

Bovine Reproduction and the ROI of Portable Ultrasound

Arm-Free Bovine Ultrasound Course in Nebraska

Never Before Seen Pricing On The Ibex Portable Ultrasound Systems Ends Today!

E.I. Medical Imaging Donates Portable Ultrasound System At AABP

E.I. Medical Imaging Open For Business and Looking to Recover

Due To Colorado Flooding E.I. Medical Offices Are Closed Today

E.I. Medical Imaging Remembers This Day

Are You Pregnancy Checking Using A Portable Ultrasound This Fall?

For The Portable Ultrasound Business Customer Feedback Is King

E. I. Medical Imaging Participates in Veterinary Training Course

Brand Your Business Using The Ibex® Portable Ultrasound

Ibex® Portable Ultrasound Used on Captured Great White Shark

E.I. Medical Imaging Goes Back To School

Ibex® Makes A Trip To Theriogenology Society Conference

Shark Week Continues With Ibex® Portable Ultrasound!

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates Shark Week!

The E.I. Medical Imaging Industry Week in Review

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Away From E.I. Medical Imaging

3 Reasons To Use Portable Ultrasound Over Blood Testing

How Vets Should Explain Ultrasound Images to Their Equine Clients

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates National Ice Cream Month

Veterinary Ultrasound: Equine Veterinary Practice Social Media Do's

Portable Ultrasound Being Put To Good Use For Turtle Conservancy

Benefits of Using The Ibex® Ultrasound to Bovine Fetal Aging

No Holidays For The Farmer! E.I. Medical Imaging Recognizes A Hero

Dr. Paul Chard Discusses Benefits of Using Portable Ultrasound

We Provide Ibex® Equipment for Saint Louis Zoo Research Project

Palpation vs. Ultrasound: Use Common Sense Economics

EIMI Adds RX Services From Chile to Network of Ibex® Distributors

E.I. Medical Imaging Awarded Honors In NCBR’s Mercury 100

E.I. Medical Imaging Welcomes Jim Turner As Director of Marketing

EIMI Donates Portable InSite2® Goggles To Turtle Conservancy

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates 29 Years of Innovation in Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

How Often Should My Veterinarian Ultrasound My Pregnant Broodmare?

Veterinary Practice Tips; Should You Send an E-Newsletter?

Portable Ultrasound: Using Communications to Improve Client Compliance

Bovine Ultrasound: Follicular vs. Luteal Cysts

Let demand dictate a veterinary ultrasound equipment purchase

IBEX® Portable Ultrasound Used To Teach At Veterinary School

IBEX® Portable Ultrasound scans Lydia, the first great white shark captured!

IBEX® Portable Ultrasound on a great white shark expedition!

Portable Ultrasound: Ultrasounding Mule Deer

Portable Ultrasound Practice Tips; New Year and Selling New Services

E.I. Medical Imaging Expands its Distribution Network to the UK

Veterinary Practice Tips; 3 Reasons Why CE Credits Are Important

6 Things To Consider Before Making A Veterinary Equipment Purchase

Colorado State University Bovine Ultrasound Wet lab

Veterinary Practice TIps; 5 Ways to Plan For The Year End

Veterinary Practice Tips: What Is Your Body Language Communicating?

Bovine Vets; Customer Service Tips To Solidify Your Client Relationships

Veterinary Practice Business Tips; 5 Social Media Don’ts

Veterinary Practice Tips; Interns and Internships- Part 2

Veterinary Interns and Internships - Part 1

No Limits To Portable Ultrasound; Mule Deer Ultrasound

Pricing Animal Ultrasound Services In A Slow Economy

Do Breed Boxes Reduce AI, Preg Check Stress?

E.I. Medical Imaging Awarded in the Inc. 500|5000 America's Fastest Growing Companies

Must-Have Apps for Bovine Vets

Pricing Your Veterinary Services In A Slow Economy

E.I. Medical Imaging Announces New Europeon Distributor

E.I. Medical Imaging Quoted in Vet Practice News Article

Tips to Improve Early Bovine Pregnancy Ultrasound Techniques

E.I. Medical Imaging's 5 Tips To Acquiring More Clients

Bovine Ultrasound; Stay on Your Toes — and on the Job

Tips for Improving Your Veterinary Practice’s Search Engine Ranking

IBEX® Ultrasound: Stages of Early Bovine Pregnancy, part 1

American Made Veterinary Ultrasound. Does USA=Quality?

Portable Ultrasound Equipment: Five Things to Know Before You Buy

Bovine Ultrasound; Linear vs. Curved Linear Transducer

Northern Colorado Business Report; Helping us talk to the animals

IBEX Adventures; Using Aquatic Ultrasound to Scan Sea Turtles and Rays

IBEX Makes Cattle Ultrasound Pregnancy Checking Quick and Easy

E.I. Medical Imaging® Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification

IBEX Ultrasound is playing a critical role in saving rhinocerous from pouching

E.I. Medical Imaging News: Alcyon is a new IBEX distributor in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

E.I. Medical Imaging News: Eickemeyer Vet is a new IBEX distributor in Denmark

E.I.Medical Imaging News: EIMI Featured in Colorado Biz Magazine

Ultrasound Basics; How to read an ultrasound image

Ibex owners: Have you downloaded your free update?

Just how portable is your ultrasound equipment?

E.I. Medical Imaging Expands to New Office and Manufacturing Facility

Paying For Your Ultrasound: Are you scanning distal limbs?

Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound Class with Charles Sturt Univ and Radincon X-Ray

Please bare with us during www.eimedical.com website construction!

Ibex portable ultrasound scans at turlte conservancy

Ibex Feature Spotlight: Transducers, Audio/Video and Storage/Downloads

E I Medical Imaging Announces CMP Medical As The New Italian Distributor

Equine Reproduction Ultrasound Images

Three Methods to Improve your Broodmare Ultrasound

Have you heard? Bovine Arms-free scanning is here!

Bovine Ultrasound; Cows just don’t make cows like they used to

A bovine vet talks about the IBEX portable ultrasound?

IBEX Portable Ultrasound: Scan a Bovine Umbilical Abscess

Dairy Producers Rely on Ultrasound to Increase Bovine Conception

What's your Diagnosis? Veterinary Ultrasound Quiz

Has Portable Ultrasound Revolutionized the Veterinary Practice Q & A

New Firmware Update 1.07 for the Ibex® Family of Ultrasound

Back to the basics, part #1: What is veterinary ultrasound?

Bovine Ultrasound: Three Tips for Fetal Sexing, part # 2

Bovine Ultrasound; 3 Easy Tips to improve fetal sexing

Press Release: New I.C.E.™ Probe Extension for the Ibex® Ultrasound

What is your diagnosis of this ultrasound image?

Three Benefits of Using Portable Ultrasound on a Dairy Farm

Oregon Fish & Wildlife ultrasound mule deer

How to use Portable Ultrasound in a Mixed Practice Veterinary Clinic?

E.I. Medical Imaging believes that Education is Focus

E.I. Medical Imaging Expands Distribution in Brazil.

Ibex ultrasound used to ultrasound bovine lungs for pneumonia

The Ibex portable ultrasound perfect for wildlife and zoo animals

The winners of the 2011 WVC Booth giveaway are..........

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates 27 years of innovation

E.I. Medical Imaging announces new Facebook page

Ibex Swims with Dolphins in Portugal

Fetal Loss From Ultrasound vs. Palpation in Beef

Bovine Ultrasound Course in California January 17 & 18 2011

See why veterinarians are choosing IBEX Ultrasound. Watch Video!

The AAEP 2010 Booth Giveaway Winner is.....

Pre-Register for E.I. Medical Imaging's AAEP 2010 Booth Giveaway!

E.I. Medical Imaging® announces new transducer for the Ibex® Ultrasound

Bovine Ultrasound, Diagnosing Pyometra with the Ibex Ultrasound

How to use bovine ultrasound in an A.I. program

Bovine Ultrasound; Bovine Ovaries part 1

Using Portable Ultrasound for Early Pregnancy Detection in Sheep

E.I. Medical Imaging visits Ibex distributor in Turkey

Thoracic and Pulmonary Echotomography with Ibex Portable Ultrasound

E.I. Medical Imaging Donates an Ultrasound for a Trip to Honduras

What Ultrasound Procedures Do You Want to Learn About? VOTE Today!

E.I. Medical Imaging Expands Distribution Network With Acravet Ltd. In Ireland

E.I. Medical Sponsors Vet Students

Bantam Ultrasound Press Release

Final Days for AABP Ibex Ultrasound Discounts!

The Winner of the InSite2 Ultrasound Goggles is......

Ibex Ultrasound Excels in Marine Research

Favorite Ibex Portable Bovine Ultrasound Images

Ibex Ultrasound "LIVE from AABP 2009", Bovine Ultrasound Video

Partnar Animal Health Holds A Bovine Ultrasound Wet Lab in Canada.

Featured Ibex ultrasound Equine Images

E.I. Medical Imaging Expands its Distribution Network

E.I. Medical Imaging Distributor "Probmed" Promotes the Ibex in Turkey

Free Bovine Ultrasound Webinar, Register Today!

Bovine Ultrasound in Italy

E.I. Medical Imaging Celebrates Accomplishments at Awards Banquet

E.I. Medical Imaging Travels to Australia

Celebrate 25 years of Innovation in Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

Inside E.I. Medical Engineering, by Patrick Nefos

E.I. Medical Imaging sponsors the CSU Vet Student Bovine Wet lab

Bovine Ovarian Ultrasound, part 1

Why Bovine Ultrasound?

E.I. Medical Imaging Going Green! Battery Recycle Program

Ibex Cine loop- Companion Animal "Canine Pregnancy"

E.I. Medical Imaging Wins Top 50 "Colorado Companies to Watch"

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